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Eating Disorders Are A Dangerous Thing

Many people in this world suffer from Eating Disorders. It seems that these disorders run rampant throughout American high schools, starting with young teen-aged girls and moving on from there. A lot of girls in high school who end up with anorexia will have a lifetime of disorders related to eating regardless of the kind of help they receive.

When it comes to a young girl's health, many times the stigma of thinness seems to overwhelm them because of magazine ads and television personalities. Today, people are thinner and thinner, and there are so many different shows on television that teach a young person their ideas of fat and thin.

Under eating and overexercising are two main signs that someone has an eating disorder. Eating Disorders are not only marked by these things, though, as more and more reports of young girls with bulimia are coming to light. Because people want to be healthy today, it is easy for young girls to hide diseases like anorexia and bulimia by just stating that they want to be healthy instead of agreeing to claims of them wanting to be thinner.

Health and fitness are important today. Young girls aren't always happy with how quickly they lose weight, however, and word of someone losing an amazing amount of weight quickly on some fad diet spreads throughout high schools like wildfire in a dry field. It is no wonder young girls (and boys) suffer from Eating Disorders.

I think it's important to note that if you know someone who has been losing weight and dieting, and you think they are really too thin, you might want to tell them first and if it continues, tell someone else before they harm themselves further. Eating Disorders can affect the heart, the kidneys, the liver and other important organs in the body.

The heart is muscle. When you diet extremely, you lose muscle mass, including heart muscle. This can cause cardiac problems and heart attacks in people who are too young to have such problems. Kidneys filter waste products out of the body and not enough nutrition means they will shut down. If they shut down, a person will die. Finally, the liver is an important metabolic organ. If someone goes into liver failure, there is no coming back from that other than a transplant.

Pay attention and note if you see any signs or symptoms of an eating disorder in anyone you know. You could save their life.

If you have orthorexia nervosa, it means you carry the idea of healthy eating too far. summuslaser

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