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5 Tips On How To Prevent Eating Disorders

By Sandra Kim Leong
You can prevent eating disorders from developing. Read this article before you go overboard with your weight loss program.

The Negative Effects of Having an Eating Disorder

By Emile Jarreau
Every year, millions of men and women are stricken with the horrible reality of having an eating disorder. Certainly having an eating disorder has negative consequences but many are more far-reaching than most of the outside world could ever know...

How to Overcome Bulimia - Putting an End to Eating Disorders

By Carolyn Anderson
In the quest of being thin, some women have adopted a lifestyle of binge eating and then purging afterwards in the hope of staying thin and 'beautiful'. With the standards of 'being beautiful' in the modern times changed into super thin women walking down the runway and skinny celebrities, no wonder that the pressure on teenage girls to stay thin and thinner has become stronger.

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