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How The Media Influences Eating Disorders

By Sandra Kim Leong
The media has a major influence on the development of eating disorders. It helps to set unrealistic expectations on what body image is considered beautiful. By being constantly exposed, the mental development of you or your child gets distorted.

Find Help For Anorexia Nervosa at an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

By Matt Brindisi
Anorexia Nervosa or simply 'anorexia' is an infamous eating disorder. Though people commonly call it an eating disorder, it really is a psychological disorder.

What is the Recovery Rate For Bulimia Nervosa? Nurse's Eating Disorder Tips

By Helen Hecker
If you've been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa or if you think you may have bulimia you may be wondering "what is the recovery rate for bulimia nervosa?" Bulimia nervosa is actually a mental disorder. Symptoms - it usually involves binge eating and then some type of behavior to compensate for the binge eating and avoid gaining weight.

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